Windscreen Replacement Process

  1. Our expert fitters firstly remove wipers, panel and trims as required.
  2. Using specialist tools we will carefully remove the damaged windscreen
  3. Once the appature is exposed we remove the old polyeurathane (glue) and clean the surface. At this point any bare paint work or rust is treated with a chemical primer.
  4.  The new windscreen is then treated with a surface preparation cleaner and silicone remover and a chemical activator is applied to the screen and car body.
  5. Now we are ready to fit your new windscreen. A High modulus Polyeurathane glue is continuously applied to the  ready primed car body and the windscreen is carefully lifted into place.
  6. All trims and parts are replaced back on to vehicle and checked. One final clean and the job is complete.


All glue and products we use are to OEM specification, drive away times are 30 mins or 60 mins depending on number of airbags 1 or 2+ respectivley.we supply a lifetime guarentee against leaks and stress cracks.