Do I need to get my chipped windscreen repaired ?

Ever wondered if that chip on your windscreen is important and actually need to be repaired ?

Well if you knew that your windscreen provides almost 30% of the structural strength of your car, and that your airbag also needs your windscreen to tell it when to activate- then you would know how important it is to take care of any damage to your windscreen.

With this in mind, it is clearly essential to keep your windscreen in excellent condition. Even a miniscule chip from a stone or other debris can quickly become worse and create a real driving hazard. It’s always best practice to repair damage as quickly as possible – both for safety and cost’s sake.

Most small chips can be repaired quickly and easily: waiting can mean a replacement windscreen if the chip becomes worse. Additionally, it could constitute a driving hazard if it’s in your line of vision when driving: sun glare could be heightened, as well as it being a general distraction.

Plus – even a small chip could mean an MOT fail: if a chip is situated in the area of the windscreen in the zone between the width of your steering wheel and the range of your wipers, this could well cause a fail and a more expensive repair than if you’d fixed it immediately.

A small chip may be unnoticeable, and seem unimportant, but it can easily become worse very quickly and without warning: it’s always the best thing to repair rather than wait.

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